Electrical Contractor

Electrical Contractor

There’s need for safe and properly working electrical systems in residential, industrial and commercial premises. It is vital to consider hiring a qualified electrical contractor to eradicate equipment faults and wiring malpractices. Chuan Fong is a Singapore-based renovation and electrical contractor specializing in a broad range of industrial, residential and commercial improvements of electrical work. They provide services including and not limited to,

Distribution, Switchboard, and Maintenance

Distribution switchboards such as Main LV Switchboards are essential to the reliability of electrical installation work. Besides, they must comply with the defined standards that govern the construction and design of LV assemblies. Chuan Fong is dedicated to providing systems that adapt perfectly to every application. Their proper work in the distribution switchboard is geared towards improving protection against direct and indirect electric shock and protection of switchgear, relays, indicating instruments, fuse gears and more.


Application of PUB Fit Meter and Testing

In Singapore, all water fittings including flush valves, flushing cisterns, pipes, taps, and valves must comply with the set standards and requirements of PUB (CP48: Code of Practice for water services). A certified electrical contractor in Singapore will ensure that every aspect of installing or renovating such systems conform to the standards. It ensures relevance in such systems.

Lighting and Power Installation

It involves the interior design and renovation packages encompassing all types of office, residential and commercial lighting services. It includes the installations of ceiling LED lights and related wiring services. It also includes checking of input cables and terminals to eliminate potential damages and risks. The service is essential in ensuring that all lighting systems function optimally.

Machine Power Supply and Air Piping

Proper connection is critical to eliminate leakages and damages resulting from machines and air piping systems that use power to function. Such systems are closely examined and any leakages corrected in real-time and to maintain the integrity of such systems.

Electrical work doesn’t require any guesswork. It requires specialized personnel to handle the entire task and eliminate potential risks. For quality electrical work, contact Chuan Fong.

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